Take a trip down the rabbit hole..

Johhny Holiday (III) just layed down his Guitar Solo on Folsom Prison Blues Finishing up the song and it is in the hands of platinum record recipient & engineer Russ Ragsdale.

Johnny and I got to hang in Memphis and I'll tell you what, Johhny is a Real Cool Cat! This talented man is also an actor who recently appeared in the Oscar Winning Picture "Walk The Line", the protrayl of the life of Johnny Cash. Holiday plays Mr. Cash's close friend " Carl Perkins ". How awesome is that! I cover a Johnny Cash tune as a blues tune and the blues guitar playing actor who plays one of J.C.'s best friends records on it!

I have special guest players like Brad Webb , Tony Adams, Mac Arnold (former Muddy Waters' bassist) and Lee "Leroy" Hadley (the Silent Band Leader ). Check back here often, soon I will have some rough sample tracks hot out of the studio.

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