M.T. Leon "M.T. Leon". Armed & Dangerous 2004


Hello, MT, the CD I arrive Ok, is very good, it
listens to it, and it already programs subjects for my
show of radio of Sunday. It will send review to him
when it has it listened full. Thank you by the
Leandro, Blues etc radio,
Bahia Blanca, Argentina



Hi there,
Had calls last friday after spins of "I'm a kingbee"...
"Great voice that comes from the soul and drives you right in the
middle of what the blues is all about"
They loved it...

Mike Rochette
10,000 Blues

CKIA-FM 10/5/04


Hi Mr. Magic Tone,
 I must say that your nick-name describes you well, you really have that
Magic Tone. It is pure pleasure to listen to yours string bending. Together
with tight band that makes very good, enjoyable CD.
It will be my pleasure to play your music in my shows, tell my listeners
your story and direct them to your website.

Best wishes from your Polish promo guy,
Przemek Draheim

Glosem Bluesa 9/27/04

I just wrote a short review of your CD on CD Baby. It will take them few
days to put in on the website.
Speaking of websites, please, have a look at www.blues.pl/draheim I also
added you to my "links" section. Does it look OK?
I did play your music in my shows and I will play it again because my
listeners like it and request more of it. Congratulations.

I played your CD on Friday,October 1st. I will play it again because people
like it.

Przemek Draheim

Glosem Bluesa 10/16/04


lots of feelin' love the voice and playing.”

Geoff Pegler
Victor Harbor
, Australia
Victor Harbor, 3HOT-FM Mildura, CRN Satellite



“Man, what’s not to love about this CD?  Great playing, great sound! Tight, but loose as a goose at the same time! I really enjoyed!”

Peter Cronin (former Billboard Assoc. Editor, former Creative Director for Maverick Music Publishing and Bug Music Publishing)

"Hello Mt Leon, I did receive your cd, and love it."

Joe Buckel

Hi guy, just stopping by to thank you for your wonderful music!
Been a busy summer here but have you up in rotation on Blue IceWater Radio with a link to your site.
Thanks for believing in us & keepin' the blues alive & well.

Blue IceWater Radio - An eclectic mix of blues styles from around the globe.


 M.T. Knows How
Reviewer: Dave Sabaini - WISU-FM
Station Manager

"This is the real deal. M.T. knows what blues is and how to get them onto CD.
The musicianship is top drawer. Put this one in your collection.

We've been playing the CD and both myself & co-host really dig it."

Jeff Harris

WITR Radio 89.7
Rochester, NY 14623


“Sounds terrific.”

 Henry Prokop
101FM - Honky Tonk Blues
19 Davidson Terrace,
Teneriffe, QLD, 4005,


“The music sounds fine!
Nice voice, production is basic but solid.
I'd be happy to give you airplay.
thank you,”

Hey, that is so cool!!
That's the first time I've had a jingle made for me!!
Sure, I would love to download your new release. The samples on the
website sound very nice - I like the tone of your voice and the guitar
playing is also hot.

 Eli Marcus at :
Bluesman Productions,
Tel Aviv, Israel


Hey MT,

I checked out the streams on the website and it sure is the thing I
would play on the Blues Train. This is my address that you can use,
Looking forward to spinning your music on the Blues Train!

Marc Frijlink

Blues Train Radio
 Troelstrakade 43-B
2531 AA the Hague